The music of Kuri doesn’t insist on being heard. Rather, it brews quietly, inviting you in for a conversation, and before you know it you’ve contemplated the meaning of life, relationships and the fragility of the human mind.

     Kuri is the latest project of musician and composer Scott Currie (previously of Oh
Village). His debut EP Human Nature (October 2016) combines modern folk-pop songwriting with classical arrangements adorned with strings, horns and piano, bringing to mind contemporaries such as Sufjan Stevens or Patrick Watson. Recorded at Afterlife Studios in Vancouver, BC, the EP pulls from influences in jazz, classical, folk, and rock to create a wonderful introduction to the young artist’s career. Kuri’s lyrics hints at existentialism without spending too much time in the grey. He questions the state of his own sanity and how that plays into his relationships with others.

“Short but sweet, Human Nature is daring and bold, yet soothing and smooth”
~ Permanent Rain Press

“This is simply a good record, something that delights in its own musicality without pushing the boat out beyond the horizon.”
~ Gray Owl Point